Building a company is hard.
Changing an industry is harder.
Doing it together is essential.

be part of the community – earn erc721 tokens

People from all over the world are taking part in Catipo’s mission and are becoming leaders of our grassroots community worldwide. Become one of us and be part of the change.

Catipo empowers the creators community

Content creators work hard – it’s a 24/7 job to maintain a successful youtube channel or instagram account with a community of thousands of fans. Problem is, as a way to make a living it’s not working so well. Most of the money goes to the platform – usually one of the three internet giants: Google, Facebook or Amazon.

We want to change that and give the hardworking creators a way to earn a living independent of the platforms they are using.  This is why we are building Catipo.

The Catipo platform is  giving content creators a way to convert their digital content into crypto assets. These assets’ value will grow overtime and depending on their popularity.

Help us change the balance of power and empower content creators to own their work and get paid for it.

create, sell & TRADE

Introducing Catipo – the world’s first platform offering digital content creators an easy, way  to convert their content into crypto assets. ERC721 tokens provide provable ownership, security and scarcity.  Users can browse, purchase, trade and share digital collectables from their favourite brands and artists. And they can start now – not somewhere down the roadmap – today.

context & distribution

A variety of distribution mechanisms to help your assets reach your audience

zero development

We do all the heavy lifting

trustless monetization

No middle-man, no one-sided policies.

limitless creativity

If you can create it, we can help you make it into a blockchain asset


catipo is about community

catipo is driven by the community for the community

becoming an

Catipo is driven by the community and for the community. Becoming a local or vertical ambassador means you would be the face of Catipo – our vision and our values, and your mission will driving the community to join the change we all need.

Would you like to be the Ambassador of the Catipo community of Games in Japan? Or how about the Ambassador of the Catipo community of Video Streamers in Brazil? Choose your Region and Vertical and go for it!

Fill out all your details and send for review to our Ambassador program reviewers. We normally approve all application within 72 hours.

Once approved, you will be getting a welcome email with everything you need to know about our global ambassadors

We will send you a welcome ambassador kit with our own collectibles tokens so you can play with them and feel what it’s like to be part of the catipo environment

You will be added to our global community via Telegram and other channels to start making new friends and colleagues

think you have what
it takes to become an